This is it!

*This blog post was written on May 25th, 2012- but waited to publish it*

So, Andrew and I are not engaged yet. Lets get that out of the way right now. He has not put a ring on it. But he will soon! How do I know this? Because 2 months ago we went ring shopping and he told me 2 weeks later that he had bought it. So, its coming. I guess you could consider us engaged to be engaged. Its exciting! Its kind of like the night before a vacation. You can’t wait to wake up early the next morning and head to the airport and you are convinced that it is totally the best part of the vacation because you are SOEXCITEDOMG! That is exactly what I feel like. I’m sure I will feel like this 23847289432 more times before the actual big day!

            We bought a house this week. Well, we put a down payment on a house. Big diff. I’ve been too busy being stressed out over money to actually be excited. I think I’ve had a stomach ache since Sunday night. Maybe once the inspection is done the knot will unravel itself and I’ll stop thinking about that big glass of wine that is inevitably going to be waiting for me at home every night.

            So anyway, I started this blog to chronicle the wedding planning process. The WHOLE wedding planning process. Soup to nuts, Abba, to Zeplin, A to Z- what have you. Maybe someone will find it useful someday (doubtful). Or, maybe no will ever read it and it will be lost in the abyss that is cyberspace. If anything, it will hopefully help me keep organized. I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I started reading blogs regularly. The first blogs I ever added to my Google Reader were baby blogs and wedding blogs. Although I LOVE reading baby blogs, I think a wedding blog is a little more up my alley. I love the idea of blogs & I love reading blogs, but I can never stay committed to actually writing a blog. This time, it’ll be different. I’m sure of it.


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