Setting a date.

Ok, so obviously I haven’t been very good at updating this. I’m trying! Sort of…

To be honest, there aren’t many things to write about as of yet. Thanks you the, pinterest (obviously), and, I’m getting a lot of great ideas for the perfect nautical wedding. Nothing too beachy or capey. Theres a fine line between sophisticated nautical and tacky nautical…right? We have a good idea of who we will be   inviting AND we have narrowed down our date to either June 21st or June 28th. Still warm, but not too warm.

We are looking at the Flying Bridge tonight for the reception. From their website, it seems to be the best deal. Andrew and I had gone there with his parents last summer for lunch and there happened to be a wedding going on. From what I remember, I liked what I saw! It doesn’t look like much from the picture…I couldn’t find one of the inside of the venue. The reception room is right on a pier with floor to ceiling windows and a wrap around deck all the way around the room.
Other options are the Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, New Seabury Country Club in Mashpee, and The Sea View in Dennisport. Its tough to find places on the Cape that will accommodate our ever growing guest list. If we wanted to have the reception outside, it would open up a lot of places for us- but I know that I will be stressing about the weather from now until the big day. That isn’t exactly preferable. We also have to start thinking about booking rooms for guests to stay in…my wedding brain is going to explode.

We applied for our mortgage on Monday…if all goes well we will be homeowners by July 13th!


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