Go, Go, Go!

The past few days have been a blur. Between house stuff, mortgage snags, and scrambling to set a date, I am looking (and feeling) very much worse for wear due to the lack of sleep in my life.

            Last week we looked at the Flying Bridge, New Seabury, and The Orleans Waterfront Inn. So far the FB  is the winner. I’m skeptical as to how 200 people will fit in there comfortably, but I have to take their word for it if they say they can do it. New Seabury was too small and the Orleans Waterfront Inn was also too small and too dark. It made me feel claustrophobic or something. Either way, its out! On Wednesday my mother is coming down to go see the FB with me again and get some real numbers going.

            There is one issue we are running into with the FB though. They wont let us book the room until we book a ceremony space. No big deal, right? Negative. Ok, so Drew and I decided that we would like to get married in a church. We found a really nice church about 20 minutes away from the FB. We are both Catholic, both Baptised, and both Confirmed, so I figured we could walk right in and say to the priest “Yo, we wanna get married here! Whaddya say?” and he’d be like “You go it, gurl!”, we’d shake on it, show up to the pre-marriage counseling, and then be well on our way to being a married couple. Apprently, it doesn’t quite work like that. Since neither of us currently belongs to a church, we cant just go and get married in one. We need a letter from our pastor saying that we are good Catholic people and go to church every day and stuff. So unless we befriend a priest in the next 3 days, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. I have no doubt that we won’t figure it out, but its just another added stress to my already miles long list of things to worry about.

Lets hope this week brings solutions and maybe even a few hours of sleep!


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