June 21, 2013.

Its official! We have a date: June 21, 2013. It also happens to be the summer solstice, which I think is pretty cool. The reception will be at the Flying Bridge in Falmouth & the ceremony will be at Christ the King Church in Mashpee. We are having to jump through hoops to have the ceremony at a church because neither of us belong to a church or are Sunday Church goers, but it will work out.

I cannot even put in words how excited I am. ITS REAL NOW. ITS HAPPENING. WE ARE GETTING MARRIED.

So now the real planning begins and even though I have read hundreds of articles, bought a “wedding to-do” checklist book, and made an account ontheknot.com, I still am completely overwhelmed with what to do first. I constantly feel like I need to do something- but I’m not sure what! Its too early to pick flowers, pick a DJ, buy a dress, send out save the dates, look at invites, and make centerpieces; yet whenever I sit down on the couch I get nervous that I am overlooking some important detail that I need to take care of right away!

I have been looking at pictures online for center pieces, place markers, and favors. All of which I am sure will be hand made my yours truly, my mom, and whoever else would like to pitch in for a weekend. I’m excited for the DIY stuff…still not so excited to go dress shopping. I keep telling everyone that its either going to be awful or really really awful.

We have almost all of the postcards I need for the save the dates we will send out come August. We decided instead of getting them printed and having to spend an arm and a leg, we would just buy fun Cape Cod postcards send those out. My weekends have been spent scouring gift shops and Christmas Tree Shoppes trying to find postcards…they are a lot more elusive than you think! We are going to buy a rubber stamp online ($12!) so we don’t have to write each individual postcard out. I think we have around 80 post cards and we need 94, so not bad! In total, excluding the stamp, we’ve spent $16. We’ve been able to find 5 for a $1 deals. Much better than spending 100s on a piece of cardstock that someone is going to throw out as soon as get the invite!

I’m hoping we find a few more ways to cut some corners in order to save money. We’ve barely spent anything at all and we are already over our projected budget.


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