My Best Friend’s Wedding

Yesterday I got the best piece of news I’ve gotten in a long time (that doesn’t have to do with the house)…one of my best friends in the entire world got engaged. I’ve known Katie since what seems like the womb, but really since Kindegarten.

Katie and I in my parents kitchen. Yes, we had been drinking. Yes, I apparently thought we were filming a Pantene Pro-V Commercial. 

My very first memory of her is music class at Memorial Elementary School circa 1991. Mrs. Tolland was playing music for us to dance to, but I just sat at my desk because I was too shy to get up and cut a rug. Katie, on the other hand, was doing this spastic dance in aisle next to me. She was dancing around until she slipped and hit her face on her chair. Next thing I knew, there was blood smeared all over the face from a split lip. Exactly one week later, she somehow managed to get a bloody nose. I remember thinking “WHAT is up with this girl??”. As it turned out, she lived about 4 houses down from me. We became fast friends.

Looking back on our early friendship, its amazing that we even became friends in the first place. I liked to play dress-up while Katie wanted to be outside and getting dirty. I hated dirt. I loved playing with Barbies, and she hated them (even though she was Princess Barbie for Halloween one year…I still have the most hilarious photo of her in the Halloween parade!). She cut off her American Girl Doll’s hair playing Hairdresser, while I changed my American Girl Doll’s outfits 12 times a day and refused to take their hair out of the braids that they came in. I think the real reason we became friends is because we were both only children and the only only children (is that grammatically correct? Don’t care) on our street. A true friendship blossomed.

In middle school we started experimenting with our hair and makeup. We used sun-in like it was our job and put on more eye shadow and lipstick than any 7th grader needs. We cut our own hair, and sometimes each others (Katie needed to get her professionally done after I got my hands on it. We thought it looked great…apparently it was a disaster). One time, I cut my own hair and called Katie immediately after:

Me: Hey. I just cut my own bangs!

Katie: Oh my God!!!!!! Why would you do that?!

Me Um, because I wanted to?

Katie: are you okay?? Did it hurt??

Me: …no. Why would it hurt? I’m, curling them now.


Me: With a curling iron!!! How else would I curl them???


Me: Bang, Kate. BANGS. As in my hair.

Katie: OH, good. I was worried.

In 8th grade Katie acquired a huge trampoline. It was positioned underneath a tree and behind the fence in her yard. If you jumped high enough, you could grab onto a branch and pull yourself up into the tree. We would wait for a car to drive by and then pretend to fall out of the tree onto the trampoline. We were horrible, horrible children.

High school was spent reading her cousins Seventeen magazine from the early 90s and surfing online chatrooms. We also rescued a chicken that was found in my backyard & named him Bosh. There IS a reason why we named the chicken “Bosh” and it is a secret I will forever keep and take to my grave. We discovered late night informercials and had the most painful experience of our lives with Nads. Summer nights were spent staying over each others houses and staying up all night just to walk to Dunkin in the morning to get breakfast. One time Katie thought it’d be a good idea to stop at Honey Farms instead and buy the most gigantic piece of beef jerky you’ve ever seen. Half way home she decided she didnt want it anymore and put the rest of it in someone mail box. Your welcome, Main St in Upton.

After high school, I stayed in New England to go to school (all 5 of them) and Katie moved to Maryland. I was worried what would happen to us since we wouldnt be seeing each other everyday anymore. I quickly found out that our friendship could survive a few weeks without talking and a few months without hanging out. We are able to pick right back up where we leave off every time. That is a very rare thing, I feel.

I am so so so happy for Katie and her fiance Bernie. I can’t wait to see them get married and start their new life together (IN MASSACHUSETTS, RIGHT?? not maryland. please, not maryland). They’ve had a long road together and I am so thrilled that the road has no end.

(PS- I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time…writing this entry was the best thing ever)

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