Scan me…forever!

So…let me just say- registering is the best. Thing. Ever. Am I right or am I right? 

            This past weekend Drew and I went to the Natick Mall (oh, excuse me, Natick COLLECTION) while we were in Hopedale for a friend’s birthday (hi, Miles!). We had been making a mental list ever since we got engaged of stuff we need for the house. Last week, I took that list and combined it with a list I had found on  I organized it into sections/categories on a spreadsheet. Even though some places (ie: MACYS…I’ll get to that in a bit) will give you a checklist of items, I HIGHLY recommend that you make your own. It helped us stay pretty organized.

            We had already decided that we would register at Crate and Barrel for kitchen stuff, Macys for linens and whatever other kitchen items we needed, and Sears for tools (barf).

            We started at Crate and Barrel. After a short, yet informative briefing, we got started on our plates and flatware. Unfortunately the plates we picked out have been discontinued so we’re screwed if we drop one and break it in 15 years, but the woman assured us that they had JUST been discontinued so we could get extras if we needed to. We made our way through the store- usually carrying on this conversation:

                        Drew: “What is this?”

                        Me: “I don’t know”

                        Drew: “Do we need it?”

                        Me: “I don’t know”


            Crate and Barrel is so well organized and we had our checklist, so we breezed right through. Since you are able to edit your registry online, we weren’t too concerned with missing something or double registering. We set our scanner up a computer kiosk and it pulled all the stuff we registered for off it and boom- there it was online for everyone to see! SO EASY.

            Next we hit Macys. Now, for any future brides who are actually reading this…check online/newspapers/ads/tv commercials/whatever to make sure there aren’t any cray cray sales going on at the stores you are planning to register at. We unfortunately did not think of this. Macys was a madhouse. They were having a one day sale throughout the entire store. It looked like a bomb went off. People were running everywhere and grabbing towels off the shelves as if they had never seen such a thing before. g (December 21 2012!!!!!). After 5 minutes of searching for a sales associate to help us, we were finally able to track someone down. She sat us down at a computer table and dove right into the “registry” shpiel. Let me just tell you…it was INTENSE. This was like a 20 minute long introduction to the world of fine china and 1,000,000 thread count sheets. I had never felt so antsy in my life. She gave us packet after packet of info that we haven’t looked at since AND a little bag of bottled water and godiva chocolate (not that I’m complaining about that, but I promptly left it on the floor near the towels by mistake).  She also gave us a 2 page list printed on legal paper of suggested items to use. After this woman’s version of the Gettysburg Address, she finally let us go and start picking stuff out (after, of course, she offered to set us up some fine china and Waterford crystal place settings for us to look at).

            Now, I’m not trying to knock Macys at all. It would’ve been fine if there hadn’t been this one day sale going on. But, it was super overwhelming. It wasn’t very organized and the list she gave us was just WAY too detailed. We quickly nixed the Macys list and stuck with ours. We found the stuff we weren’t able to find at Crate and Barrel and moved onto towels and bed sheets. By that time, we were both exhausted, and I was pretty sure my hips had been permanently bruised from people knocking me out of the way because they just HAD to get the Ultra Awesome Martha Stewart Spatula (not only does it cook FOR you, but it also makes a darling centerpiece using only trash bags and orange peels).

            We found towels that seemed like they would do the job (you know, DRYING), even though the place was a mess. However, the bed linens area was even worse. We wanted to find some winter warm sheets and some nice cool spring/summer sheets. We ended up finding one set, but only because I wouldn’t leave until we at least found ONE set of sheets that we semi liked. I wasn’t going to be in that war zone for nothing.

            After leaving Macy’s we headed to Sears. Drew took 4908349053479 hours (30 minutes) to register for everything that he wanted. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what half of it does, but its fiiiine. That’s what registering is all about, right?

            So now, we sit and wait. We have been making edits ever since…mostly finding stuff we registered for both at C&B and Macys. Despite crazy Macy’s, it was a lot of fun. A very good bonding experience. However, I checked out the Registry forums on ever since and I am finding out that you should register for DOUBLE the amount of guests you are inviting…I did the math and we actually have WAY under what we need. We still need to figure out the towel and bed sheet situation, so I’m sure we can find some stuff to put on each list. Not to mention Drew was more than happy to volunteer to add more to his tool list.  

So earlier this week, the 2013 Farmers Almanac came out. Drew texted me saying that we should find one so we could see what the weather would be like for next June. I had completely forgotten that about a month ago I had left a comment on the Offical Farmers Almanac “weather” page asking what the weather would be like for June 21 2013 in the Cape Cod area. I hopped back onto the website to see if I had gotten a response. Yup. I did. Image


There it is, my friends. Heavy rain. Not passing showers, no drizzle, not even thunderstorms. HEAVY RAIN. I’ve already killed myself over it, don’t worry.

I did find a cute idea though- get a glass bottle with a stopper and let the rain fill it and have it sealed. Kinda cute. I guess. We’ll see. 

Until next time!!


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