its joyful AND triumphant!

Um, Hi, So CHRISTMAS!? Could not be more excited about it. See how I skipped Thanksgiving there? Make a note, Universe!
I am not a Thanksgiving person. Even though I live on the Cape where the Pilgrims practically landed and created America as we know it- I’m just not into it. I can do without the hats with buckles, turkeys, pies, cranberry sauce, cornucopias’ and tryptophan naps. I’d rather just skip right to Christmas.
However, this Thanksgiving marks the very first holiday that Drew and I have ever spent together in its entirety in 9 years. It was great to see his brothers/sisters in law/nieces and nephews. We hardly ever get to see them so any excuse we can find we usually take advantage of.
I had to work the day after Thanksgiving (total suckage), but that gave me a chance to start decorating the house for Christmas on my own before Drew got home the following weekend. My parents were able to give us a good amount of stuff that they won’t be using anymore and it now looks like Christmas has vomited all over the house. I love it. We strung the Christmas lights on the bushes outside and got little candle lights for our 2 front windows. Since this is our first Christmas in our house, we have no idea what the neighborhood does as far as decorating. Drew is worried that we will look like the Griswolds in our neighborhood, but I am secretly hoping that that’s EXACTLY what happens.

So nothing all too different on the wedding front. We are still trying to figure out transportation (an on-going ordeal). We’ve found the groomsmen ties that we want to use. We are still waiting to hear from the Flying Bridge to book a night at the Coonamesset to pick our table linens, china, cake, appetizers, and menu. That is something I am REALLY looking forward to. Who doesn’t love a free night’s stay in an inn? Nobody, that’s who!

Until next time/when I have something important to say!


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