194. I feel like this post would be a lot cooler if it were “200”, but apparently I missed that. So, oh well.

194 days until I become a Mrs. I know that this is cliché and a lame but where did the time go? I know I’ve gotten a good chunk done, but getting into the 100s makes me feel very panicky and nervous.

Next month I will be going to NYC with my posse (aka bridesmaids) to visit the Little Borrowed Dress showroom. I am super duper pumped about this. Not only because I get to put a little checkmark next to “bridesmaid dresses” on my mental checklist, but because I get to visit Manhatten for a weekend AND if everything goes to plan, this will be the first time I will be able to get together with my half of the wedding party. Totes excited, guys.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned Little Borrowed Dress before…Caroline found them for me since she’s totally awesome and upper/lower east side (I feel a lot less touristy when I say “manhatten” and “lower east side”…even though I cant remember if Caroline lives on the upper or lower). Basically, they will let you either “borrow” (rent) a bridesmaid dress for $50 or you can buy a dress for $100. I don’t know about you, but I know that bridesmaid dresses can run upwards of $150 and I really hate the thought of making people spend that kind of money on a dress that they don’t love. Anyway, you can either go and visit their showroom so they can take your measurements and have you try on dresses, or send everything to them and pick the style of dress you want from their website.

If you go the online route, they will send you 2 dresses just to make sure you can get one that fits just right. I thought that was pretty cool. If you go in person they obviously have a better chance of getting your measurements and sending you the right dress. If you are borrowing your dress, they send you a prepaid envelope that you can use to send your dress back the 1st business day after the wedding.

It just seems like a great idea and an even better way to cut some costs. And- they are TOTALLY legit too. I was afraid it was going to be some creepy woman running this from her New York City basement or from the subway, but Carolien checked it out for me and confirmed that this was not the case.

I am currently on the shoe hunt. Since my toe is disgusting from smashing it into the stairs, I think any sort of open toe/peep toe shoe is 100% out of the picture. I didn’t realize until I started looking around that I had my heart set on peep toe shoes. Its hard to find any navy blue round toed shoes anywhere! I look awful with any sort of pointed toe, so that’s out too. I am looking at the dyable shoes, but they all seem to be opened toed. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.


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