War is Over.

Oh Christmas. I miss you so much already. I was feeling very “December 26th” about everything even before Christmas was over. I can’t imagine how I will be on June 22nd. Probably an inconsolable emotional mess. Good luck, Drew!

We had a wonderful Christmas. The Saturday before Christmas, we drove out to Cambridge to see a few of our friend’s bands. We hadn’t seen our friends in ages, so it was really great to see everyone and sing some epic Christmas songs together. It was especially wonderful (not to mention totally ridiculous) to be a part of the craziest “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” sing along anyone has ever seen. I still loved every minute of it though. FRIENDS ARE SO IMPORTANT!!!! DON”T FORGET THAT!!!!


war is over 1

Sunday morning we headed into Monson to see my family. We spent some time with the grandparents and the parental unit Sunday afternoon/evening, which was quite merry and bright. Monday morning we did “Chistmas Morning” with my parents. It was strange to see their tree decorated with the ornaments that I had grown up with. Out tree has thousands of ornaments that neither of us are very familiar with yet. All in due time.

Monday night Andrew and I braved the mall. It was very disappointing. We thought we’d see a couple of people fighting over a furby or tamagotchi (oh, its not 1998?), but we quickly realized that going to the mall on Christmas Eve was like going to the mall on a Wednesday afternoon in March. However, we did find a lovely red bowtie for Andrew to wear from Macys (Best. Present. Ever.). We headed to my aunt’s house shortly after to partake in the McNealy Christmas Eve Celebrations. Christmas Eve consists of ungodly amounts of food and ungodly amounts of presents…it didn’t fail to disappoint! Even though we were missing a few members of our family, being all together is one of my favorite things. That night, we headed back to the Cape so we could celebrate Christmas morning in our home.

We had decided earlier in the season that we would buy each other 5 presents and put the rest of the money towards buying our couch for the living room. Naturally, both of us went a little overboard, so I am not sure how much money we have left to go towards the couch. We dragged Christmas morning out as much as possible. I made popovers in the morning and while they were baking, we opened our stockings. I had an awful time finding stocking stuffers this year. I ended up giving Drew a small package of little Debbie chocolate covered donuts. I didn’t realize the whole “cop/donut” joke until he pointed it out…he didn’t find it as funny as I did! After stockings we ate & then opened the rest of our presents. The rest of the morning/afternoon/evening was spent on the couch in our PJs. Drew played his new video game (is he 7?) while I went through the new cookbook he bought me (am I 72?). The only time we left the couch was to get thai food for dinner a few towns over. Then it was back to jammies and couching. I am excited for us to have our own Christmas Day traditions. I think I was trying to force them out this year…I know they will progress in time.

So…countdown until next Christmas? 349 days!!

countdown till wedding? 163. oooooh sweet jesus.



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