Dresses & Tricks

Two of the best things ever during this whole wedding process happened this past week. Well, other than the whole getting engaged thing.

            A few weeks ago, I got an email from Platinum Bridal saying that my dress had come in. I was IMMEDIATELY terrified. I was totally consumed with thoughts like “what if I HATE it when I see it?” “what if it doesn’t fit?” “what if they ordered it 5 sizes too small?” “what if they ordered the wrong dress?”- millions of questions and scenarios were buzzing through my brain for the past 2 weeks.

            This past weekend I was able to try my dress on for the first time. My mom, aunt, and I got to the salon on Saturday and were immediately put in a room and shown the dress. It looked great on the hanger- but I still wasn’t sure how it would look on me. I brought my shoes and Princess Diana length veil that mom is making with me to see the (almost) complete picture. The woman helped me into the dress (trying on a wedding dress by yourself is a lot harder than you would think) and when I heard that zip go all the way up I let go of my breath as if I had been holding it for a month. I was SO relieved that it fit. It’s not that I didn’t think it would, but I mean…WHAT IF IT DIDN’T????

            I was only in the dress for about 10 minutes, but I absolutely didn’t want to ever take it off. I ain’t one to brag, but I was feelin pretty good about myself in those 10 minutes! Mom and Mary figured out the length with the help of the sales woman and also gave me a few headbands/clips to try on. I fell in love with a headband with tiny pearls and beads on it, but it cost way more than I was willing to spend on something I’d most likely only wear once. So,  I am currently on the hunt for a half headband (I can’t think of a better word for it, but it’s a headband that doesn’t go all the way down to your ears..it just bobby pins in right on the top half of the head) with pearls or the like on it.

            I’ve decided to wear 3 strings of pearls- my moms, my own, and Andrew’s mothers. They are 3 different lengths so they should look nice all together. It covers my “something borrowed” too, so WIN.


            Today, Kate (maid of honor) texted me to say that she was having a problem with her bridesmaid dress that she got in the mail a few weeks ago. The  skirts of the dresses have a navy blue sheer layer over darker fabric. She told me that she tried it on the other day and the back only had the sheer layer, making her…exposed. Kate had tried to take care of it on her own so she wouldn’t worry me, but the company was giving her a hard time about fixing the dress that they sent her.

            She found out that the company we had gone to visit in NYC had been sold to a bigger company. She was dealing with a Mr. Burger over the phone and couldn’t remember his first name. I was given the phone number and the rest of the info while I was frantically texting Caroline about the issue. I was trying to come up with a “plan B” in my head while trying to figure out what I was going to say to this jerk who was going to make my Maid of Honor walk down in a dress that left NOTHING up to the imagination.

            Caroline said that she would get in touch with the girls she knew that ran the company at the time we were trying on dresses and would let me know what the situation is after I called this Mr. Burger guy. So, I wrote down the number Kate gave me in a sticky note, found an empty room, and called the number:


Person on the other line: “Burger King, how can I help you?”

Me: “……….”


I quickly hung up. In the next 2 seconds my thought process was “That was weird. Burger King? Huh. Why would they sell the company to Burger King? Maybe I misdialed. What are the odds that I call a Burger King when I am LOOKING for a Mr. Burger!? Wait….”


Yeah, April Fools on me.


If they tried to pull this on me last week,  I would’ve dropped dead on the spot. My blood pressure would’ve just maxed out. LUCKILY I am wicked easy-going and chill about my wedding (ha!) and immediately started cracking up. I couldn’t believe that they got me to call a Burger King about a dress. I am so happy I heard the guy say “Burger King” because if not, I would’ve given some poor fry cook a giant piece of my mind.


You win this time, KATE. You win this time.


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