The Wedding. Part 1.

I cannot believe we got married nearly 3 weeks ago already. The days leading up to it and the days since have been an absolute BLUR. Like I talked about earlier, I tried to concentrate on taking everything in and making memories, but it proved a lot more difficult than anticipated.

Andrew and I had most of the week before the wedding off, which was great. We got to spend time with our families outside of what I was assuming was going to be a stressful environment and got to enjoy each others company a little while longer while we were still engaged. We had a cookout Wednesday night for whoever wanted to come and whoever was in the area. It was our first *planned* cookout, and I think we can consider it a success. However, we could not have pulled it off without a lot of help from my parents.

            Thursday was the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. That afternoon, my mother and I got mani/pedis at the Beach Plum Spa in Hyannis. A very relaxing pedi turned into a very stressful mani when I realized how long the pedicure took.Image We both made it to the church just in time to get dressed and run into the rehearsal. The women who were in charge of the church were incredibly helpful. They had all of our information already in front of them and with very little help from Andrew and I, got everything running pretty quickly. It was a lot of standing around while the readers and bridesmaids/groomsmen were being told when to stand and when to sit, etc. We had all hoped that we would run through the processional more then once, but we were ushered outside pretty quickly and shown where we would be doing our receiving line.

            The rehearsal dinner was wonderful. It was held at the Coonamessett Inn where I was going to be staying that night as well as the wedding night. Lots of hors d’oeuvres and finger foods to start, then hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, and salad for dinner. About 50 of our nearest and dearest were able to come, which was great. Andrew and I gave each other our wedding gifts “secretly” (ie: a table over from where we were sitting with our friends) after dinner. He gave me the pearl earrings I asked (ie: told. Marriage!) for to wear for the wedding. I got him about 10 different cigars with custom “Drew and Emily 06/21/2013” wrappers on them with an engraved zippo lighter and an engraved cigar cutter. Between those cigars and the ones that Katie had for me at the bachelorette party, we should be covered for the next 5 years.

            That night, I got into bed feeling really excited. Excited for the next day, of course, but mostly excited because my mom brought me the Father of the Bride DVD and I was going to get to watch it all by myself on my laptop in bed. At least I’m honest. One second I’m lying in bed listening to Matty Banks explain to his father that the word “pit” doesn’t belong on a wedding invitiation (debatable), the next thing I know I am waking up at 3:30 am confused by my surroundings and the glow of my laptop. I didn’t get back to sleep till around 5:30 or so. I wasn’t even worried about what was going to happen in the next 12 hours, I just wasn’t used to having a giant bed all to myself.

            My alarm went off a few hours later. More then anything I wanted to stay in bed for a little while longer, but makeup was going to start setting up in my room at 8:30, so I knew that I had to get in and out of the shower quickly. Not 10 minutes after I got out of the shower and back into my jammies, makeup was being set up in my room and the girls were starting to arrive to get ready. I thought that starting hair and makeup at 9:00 am was a little overkill, but as it turns out, not the case. It took around 30 minutes for each girl to get their makeup done and around 45 for hair. Who knew?

            We spent the day chatting and eating veggies and mini muffins that my mom brought for us. Everyone was wondering how I was staying so calm all morning. The fact is, I wasn’t nervous at all.

I was definitely excited, but not the least bit nervous. What is there to be nervous about? Other then the fact that Andrew had texted me earlier that he woke up with a fat lip (jkdghdfj&*^$#*G NB#&*), I knew things were going to run smoothly. And if they didn’t, oh well.

            The flowers were delivered by the florist and they came out beautifully. Orange flowers with yellow/coral/bright green accents. I attached the handkerchief my aunt had given me for Christmas along with the handkerchief that was given to me when I was born to the ribbon around the stems for my something old. I got my mothers pearls, Elaine’s pearls, and my own pearls ready to wear into a make-shift tiered necklace for my something borrowed. ImageI got my specially dyed navy shoes on for my something blue. Finally, I got into my wedding dress for my something new.

            Andrew had texted me that the photographer had finished with him and the guys and that he was on his way to take pictures of us “getting ready”. The limo had also picked the guys up and they were enroute to the church. Thankfully, Andrew’s mysterious swollen lip had gone down and it looked normal. After about a half hour of pictures and waiting around for the limo, I started to get butterflies in my stomach. NOW I was nervous about having all eyes on me. My dress wasn’t exactly cooperating with me because I didn’t realize how ANNOYING it is to have a long veil and a long train. I kept getting caught on everything and walking up the front of it every time I stepped.

            Deciding to get married on the first day of summer on Cape Cod probably wasn’t the best idea traffic wise in hindsight. It took us an extra 15 minutes to get to the church, thus I was about 20 minutes late to the church. I privately prayed that Andrew didn’t take this as a sign and escape to Mashpee Commons for some mid afternoon shopping.

            Before I knew it, the limo was pulling into the church parking lot. I stepped out onto the concrete and pinched myself as walked towards the doors of the church with my stomach in knots and on the verge of hysterical laughter and tears.




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