The Wedding. Part 3.

OK, so I thought I had actually posted this over a month ago when I wrote it. It wasn’t until 2 minutes ago when I went to post something else that I realized I hadn’t. So, without further ado….     




So as I am looking around thinking “Cool! My husband has left me 3 hours after we get married!”, the event coordinator led me to the front of the dance floor where our cake was. She explained to me how to cut it (one side, the other side, then slice the back, in case you were wondering), and left me to it. I don’t know if she expected me to just do this myself or what, but I looked like an idiot standing up there while everyone was staring at my waiting to cut this wedding cake. I waited for a solid 2 minutes before Drew popped up behind the crowd of guests and said “oh! I didn’t know we were doing this yet!” Because, it’s really hard to hear the DJ through every single speaker in the room and everything. So anyways, I quickly give Drew the rundown on how we are supposed to the cake and we get down to business. Cut on side, cut the other, and then slice the back. We plopped our slice onto the plate that was provided for us, expecting to see the happy colors of funfetti throughout the inside of our cake. However, all I could see was brown and white swirl. My brain was like “???????????????????????????”. Andrew and I looked at each other and then at the event coordinator behind us and she whispered to us “I will explain later”. My first worry was that the cake had nuts in it which Andrew is highly allergic to. Apparently this thought never occurred to him because he started nudging me along saying to put more and more cake on the fork. A few days before the wedding, I had a very serious chat with Andrew about the consequences he would face if he did any sort of smushing/smearing/crumbling/etc with the cake anywhere near me and my dress. That must have sunk in because he gave me a tiny bite of what turned out to be a marble chocolate and vanilla cake.

I wasn’t thrilled. Not only because I don’t really like cake, but because we had specifically asked for funfetti because that is the only kind of cake I will actually eat. The event coordinator explained that they got the orders mixed up and they don’t really “do” funfetti, even though we had planned for this months ago. Like I said, I wasn’t thrilled. But, if that’s the worst thing that had happened so far (other than my dock/dress/shoe/veil dilemma), then I figured we were in good shape.

After they took the cake away to cut up, the DJ called for my father and I to do our “father/daughter dance”. After months and months of going back and forth about what song we wanted to dance to, my father and I finally agreed on Frank Sinatra’s “The Way you Look Tonight”. Cute, right? We thought so. A few nights before, we practiced dancing to it on my back deck at our house. We were ready. The music started and after a few seconds I said to dad “oh, this must be a different version or something!” Neither of us recognized the music. Then the lyrics started… “a different version….with different lyrics?” yeah, doubtful. We made the best of it and laughed our way through. As soon as it was over, I turned to the DJ to ask what happened and he begins with “Wow. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.” I began to say that was it ok, but he continued with “See, you told me you wanted ‘Just the Way you Look Tonight’ when the song is really called ‘The Way you Look Tonight’. I looked up ‘just’ on itunes and picked the only Frank Sinatra song that began with the word “just” so….” SO TOTALLY MY FAULT, RIGHT? I mean, we had emailed him exactly what we wanted for music 3 weeks before this. It never occurred to him to check in with me and ask what I wanted? I was pretty annoyed about it. Let’s just add this to the list of Things not to say to the bride on her wedding day along with “I’ll explain about the cake later”.

After Andrew and his mom did their mother/son dance (which went smoothly!), the real dancing began. This is where my memory completely shut off. I remember dancing to a few songs, but I was trying so hard to see everyone before they left and dance with everyone that the last 2 hours of the reception felt like 2 minutes. Plus, it was HOT in the room. My dress made it feel like the room was 100 degrees, which isn’t the best thing, let me tell you. I went outside more than once to “air out”. I had to wrap the bottom of my dress around my waist to keep from sweating out 60 pounds. In hindsight…

At one point, Andrew and I went up to the DJ to request a few songs that we had forgotten to mention, but he told us that we were nearing the end of the night. We were bummed, but we knew we were going to go out on a high note. A few minutes later, the opening notes to “The Mariner’s Revenge” by The Decemberists started to play, and our friends got into position to perform what we hoped would be one of the greatest Mariner’s of all time. We haven’t listened or danced to this song very much in the past year all together. I think we were all a little scared of anything that would trigger the memory of Chad since he was one of the ones who started our obsession with this song at parties, weddings, etc. I think we did his memory justice. After stomping the dance floor for a solid 8 minutes, we were all exhausted and proud. A number of people came up to Andrew and I afterwards asking us what on earth that song was and how we all  15 of us knew the words and dance by heart. Such a silly thing has turned into a really fun tradition for us! The DJ told us that the last song was one of the craziest endings to wedding he has ever seen (high-five, Drew!), so we were pretty pumped on that little piece of info alone!

Just like that, our wedding day was over. It had come and gone. All of a sudden, the lights were turned up and the servers were clearing off the tables. I tried to drink everything in, just as I had for the past year, one more time. My friends and family around me, my broken dress (it ripped during The Mariner’s Revenge…), my husband gulping down some illegal yuengling (class act!), the boats outside the window, the voices trying to figure out where the after party was happening…it was over. It had become a memory. A very dear memory, but a memory all the same.

Andrew and I could not be more thrilled with our wedding day. We are so lucky to have shared so many wonderful moments with 150 of our nearest and dearest. My only question is…when can I have another one?!


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