My Famous Best Friend (and bridesmaid)

Guys, I’m not sure if you all know, but one of my best friends (and bridesmaid) is FAMOUS. Sort of. She is as close to a celebrity as I will ever know, and thats good enough for me. 

So anyways, not only did she invent the wildly popular @yourawaymessage twitter profile, she also writes as a tech correspondent for Business Insider, and on Wednesday morning she was on Good Morning America to give the inside scoop on a popular dating website.

Do you know anyone that has ever been interviewed on Good Morning America? Like, personally? I didn’t think so. But, I do! I couldn’t be more proud of this girl. We’ve come a long way from our college days of drink wine and eating microwave corn, spending our senior year Halloween in a mcdonalds drive-thru, and bedazzling our graduation caps on her apartment floor while watching Friends reruns. 

I hope she asks me to be on her personal float in the Macy’s parade when it happens. I do have experience and all….


check her out at 2:01!!



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