The 52 Lists Project: List Your Greatest Comforts

Reading/watching Harry Potter 
Flannel sheets 
Looking at pictures of friends and family
Watching a good chick-flick with a snuggie
The smell of lilacs in the spring
The feeling of sand in my toes
Listening to my dad play around with the acoustic guitar
Hearing any of my “summer of 2003” songs
Wearing the mittens my mom makes for me
A nice tall glass of milk
Christmas eve with my family and Christmas morning at home
North Pleasant Street in Amherst
Hearing my friends laugh 
Prince Edward Island
Holding hands
Having a dog on my lap
A nice warm scarf
Weekend mornings spent in bed
The smell of garlic and onions in a frying pan
Sugar cookies
“Fresh Cotton” scented candles
The 21st floor of the UMASS library, desks all the way on the right near the banking books
Friday afternoons at 4:45 pm
Upton, MA 
Pixar Movies and/or old Disney movies
Crafting & creating 
Listening to Jump! Little Children

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