The 52 Lists Project: List of Things You Should Be Proud of



While I didn’t find my job completely on my own, I’m proud that I have a good job during a time when a lot of people are less fortunate

My husband and I have created a beautiful home along with the help of a number of others

Some people work their entire lives to live on the Cape…I managed to do it by the time I turned 26

After 5 years of jumping around and having a hard time finding a good fit, I finally got my bachelors degree from UMass Amherst

I performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when i was 17 years old and I will never stop bragging about it

Not only was I able to get a car loan by myself, but I paid it off early.

My cooking skills have improved leaps and bounds since I first started living away from my parent’s house

I try new foods all the time, which is a far cry from my infant-teenage years

I can almost always see the good in people, even though I can be pessimistic to a fault

I know how to forgive 

My anxiety of being around strangers and having to make conversation is (almost) gone

Some of the friends I still have today are friendships I’ve had since kindergarten 

I successfully drove through downtown Boston without getting into an accident, causing an accident, or having a heart attack. I probably won’t do it again if I don’t have to, though. 

I consider myself an adult

I know myself. 



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