This pretty cool.

I think I’m going to try it.

(just don’t hold me to it!)

The 52 Lists Project 


A Friday List of Things



1. Last Sunday Andrew and I spent the majority of the day playing marathon rounds of the board game “Trouble” (see above). It. Was. Awesome.

2. If there are any other only children out there reading this, you will know that pretty much everything on this list is true. 

3. I made croque monsieur for dinner tonight and it was incredible. I’ve never had it before, but every time I watch Meryl Streep make it in “It’s Complicated”, I want it in my gullet. I subbed hot capicola for regular ham and it was to die for.  Mr Crunchy is my new BFFL. 

4. After I finish the blanket I am making for our friends’ brandy new daughter (which she will be able to use for the rest of her life because it is quite literally the biggest afghan I’ve ever made), I am going to try making these crocheted stars. I am really excited about it 

5. Downton Abbey returned this past Sunday and my life has meaning again. While I am taking a page out of Mary Crawley’s book and missing Matthew desperately, I am really excited for this season. (I am actually laugh-crying right now at the last GIF in that link)

6. I downloaded SNES Super Mario Brothers on my Wii recently and I cannot stop playing it. I still have almost every level memorized , but it mostly just brings back fun memories of my dad and I playing it for hours when he got home from work unit we beat it. That also happened to be the best christmas EVER because I got Super Nintendo AND an American Girl Doll. There is a gem of a picture somewhere with me mowing an eggo waffle holding my Samantha doll and watching my dad set up the SNES on our state of the art tube TV. I’m pretty sure I am wearing a flannel nightgown my mom made me. Thanks, guys!

7. We got these crackers in a gift basket during christmas at work and i am OBSESSED with them, but can’t find them anywhere on the Cape. 

Happy New Year


Be Thankful
Try Something New
Compliment Others, and Yourself
Be Outgoing
Be Humble
Ask Questions
Read More
Worry Less
Wear Something Adventurous
Lend a Helping Hand
Don’t Dwell On The Past
Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide