Things that Go.

What an exhausting few weeks it has been. I am just not cut out to work 10 hour days. Sorry, I’m not sorry. I’m afraid to say it, but things are finally starting to slow down a little bit (typing it doesn’t count, right?). Or, maybe I’m just used to it. I’ve been dead asleep by 1030 every night for the past few weeks. Not that that’s a bad thing, its just not preferable on a Saturday night. Is this what real life is like? I don’t love it!!

            Things on the wedding front are a little slow right now. Per usual. Right now we are trying to figure out transportation. Who knew that there would be so many options for how to get to and from the church???

            First, theres the classic limo. Safe and easy right? Not so much. I guess I never really thought about it before, but there are like 8 different limo sizes. Do we get a 10 person limo so myself, Andrew, and all of the bridesmaids/groomsmen can fit? Seems like a logical idea, sure. But what about our parents? And grandparents? And the ring bearer and flower girl? Do they have to hitch a ride with someone else? We could get 2 limos to fit everyone, but that adds up!

            We thought it would be fun for us to a get an old fashioned car for Andrew to drive from the church to the reception. It would be great for pictures too…but again, the issue of the rest of the bridal party rears its ugly head.

            So, ok, maybe a limo is out. You CAN rent busses! How fun! I wouldn’t be opposed to getting on a big yellow school bus in my wedding gown. That way, everyone who needs to get their pictures taken with us during the cocktail hour can be there all at the same time without anyone getting lost. But then again…when I look back on my wedding, do I really want to think about a school bus? I don’t know. It seems fun now, but I don’t know if I’ll feel that way down the road.

            You can also rent an old fashioned trolley. That’s an idea that I LOVE. Its not as abrasive looking as a school bus and everyone can fit on it. I’ve been pricing it out though, and it seems expensive. Especially since we are only going to be on it for a few minutes to and from the church.


I just don’t know. It’s a small dilemma that I am trying to work out.


In other news, I SUCK and borderline broke my big toe this past weekend. I think its safe to say that everyone knows I am accident prone. Remember when I dislocated my knee SITTING DOWN?! My toe situation is pretty similar. I started jogging up the stairs, tripped, and slammed my big toe into the stair. At first I thought I just stubbed it and kept going up the stairs. As I was walking it started to hurt more and more until it just absolutely throbbed. When I got into the bedroom I ripped off my shoe and I could see that the whole nail area was already bruised. The bruise has got progressively worse over the weekend- it darkened up a bit and I couldn’t wear a sock without wanting to chop my foot off. Its better now, but I am afraid my toe nail is going to fall off. It can take up to a year to grow back. I had my heart set on peep-toe shoes for the wedding, so THAT should be interesting. I am wearing shoes no problem now, but I’m nervous about it.


I just wish I was doing something really awesome….not falling up the stairs. Typical Emily!