i need to make a list of things i need to make a list of.

4 months (from yesterday)! So close, yet so far. My list of stuff to do before June 21st seems to be growing longer and longer everyday. Every time I think I have a good handle on everything, 4 more things pop up. Right now we are longing for June 21st to come as quick as it can, however I know come June 22nd I would give anything to be in this position right now. Woe is us!
Anyways, I really need to start making a list of everything I need to get done before the wedding…I will forget something or never get everything done if I don’t:

In No Particular Order:

-find wedding shoes (I should have a toenail by June! High five!!!)
-Complete guest book idea, email to someone with printer, put together
-Call Platinum Bridal Boutique and check on dress- book appointment for a fitting, throw-up for 2 to 3 weeks before to make sure it fits.
-Find a hair clip/comb/headband that will work with my veil
-Find a few hairstyles to also work with said veil and clip/comb/headband
-book hair trial appointment with Dorian in mid-late March
-Work on table numbers and place cards
-buy a TON of cardstock
-send in form for church ceremony
-Book music for the church
-Make rough draft of the church programs
-Decide on 2 readers and 2 program giver-outers
-Buy cutesy little decoration details
-Get letter from our Priest to give permission for us to marry in a different church (that should be interesting…)

Last weekend Andrew and I met with Jen from The Pink Polka Dot in Falmouth for an invitation consultation. They specialize in all things party/wedding planning, but the actual shop is totally adorable. They have a lot of neat greeting cards and home décor stuff that I really just wanted to stuff my house with. Jen showed us a number of different invitation styles that we both loved. It was hard to narrow it down to just a few, but we managed. She showed us different layouts, fonts, graphics, envelopes, etc. Most of which I probably would never have given a second thought to until it was brought to my attention. She is going to make a mock-up for us and send it via email within the next few weeks. I am psyched to see how its going to come out!
Sunday we braved the snowstorm (yup, another one) to drive to Christ the King in Mashpee for a special “engaged couples” mass. Afterwards, we enjoyed some refreshments (3 day old Valentines Day candy…) and we took a tour of the church with about 5 or 6 other couples. The church is actually a lot smaller than I thought it was because I had only been judging from pictures on their website, but its so so pretty inside. My only concern is that the floor is tile. I was actively looking for a church with a tile floor because I feel like the carpet that they choose is always a really weird color. I didn’t think about if it rains (slippage!) and how my heels will sound on the floor. I am hoping the music drowns them out so you cant hear “clackclackclack” all the way down the aisle.
After the tour, they split the boys and the girls up so we could take what basically was a compatibility test. It was truly one of the strangest things I have ever experienced. I felt like I was taking the relationship SATs. The test has about 150 questions, but I felt like they were the same 20 questions just reworded differently every so often. It made me really nervous, I know that they can’t tell us that we can’t get married if our tests aren’t similar enough, but it definitely gave me some anxiety. Especially since there was a separate section for “co-habitating” couples that basically reprimanded us for living together before we are married. Sooooorrrryyyyy!
Regardless, the church gave us a lot of info for planning the ceremony. Since we are not having a full mass, there were a few things that we can skip which certainly takes a few things off our plates. We just have to think about who we would like to use for the music, what readings we want read and who we want to read them, make a program for the guests, and a few other things that I’ve already forgotten about.

Hopefully I will have a few things crossed off that list in the coming weeks!