Thursday night, Andrew and I started working on our Save the Dates. Tuesday night we had ordered a wood handle stamp online so we wouldn’t have to write each save the date out. The website was awesome! You can make any size stamp you need; allowing you to change the font style, font size, etc. After much deliberation, we decided on a stamp saying:

Write this down!

Emily & Andrew

Are getting married!

June 21 2013

Short, sweet, to the point. Love it. So, last night we got out off of our postcards we had bought over the past couple of weeks and started stamping. Well, Drew stamped. Apparently I am too shaky and ended up smudging the few I was allowed to do. My dream of being a surgeon is shattered.

After stamping (and a dinner break), we sat down with our guest list and picked postcards for everyone. That wasn’t really the plan to begin with. While I was buying them, I had picked out a few that reminded me of particular family members/friends, but we ended up sitting on our living room floor for hours surrounding ourselves with assigned postcards. It’s one of the few things that we will probably really get to do together, and we had a blast.

Definitely a perfect memory night. We won’t send them out until August, but we were both excited to actually do something that had to do with the wedding! Now I am stuck with the task of gathering all of the addresses and writing them on the postcards…Drew is allowed nowhere near that part. It’s not that he has bad handwriting, but it looks like graffiti and I think I am the only person

who has come close to mastering what he is trying to say.



Word to the wise: never buy a house. It is becoming BEYOND a headache! I won’t bore you with the details, but it is not a fun process. I am praying for our closing date to come SOON!


My Girls.

Since all but one of my bridesmids have gotten these (I’m looking at YOU, Caroline), I can finally post what I have been working on since May 26th!!

Image            This is how  four lucky girls to be my bridesmaids! I wish I could take the credit for this idea, but thanks to pinterest and this website, I stole it.


So, I bought wooden cigar boxes at Joann’s for about $6.00 each and stained them. I think the stain was around $5 for a small can.

Fun Fact: Staining is totally easy and fun but WAY messy. If you ever stain something, make sure you lay down a lot of newspaper and to not do it in your living (unless you are looking for a reason for your fiancé to murder you in your sleep). This is a basement/outdoor activity. Luckily we have a big porch and I was able to do it there on a nice weekend afternoon.

Stain actually dries relatively quickly. I only needed to do one coat because it was so dark and it took to the wood really well, but if you need to make touch-ups or one part needs to do a second coat, be WICKED careful. Since stain is so runny, you really need to apply a second coat to the entire piece of wood if you are planning to go back and fix something. If you need to just touch up the corners, use a small paintbrush to dip into the corners.

After the stain coat dried, I stenciled on the white anchor. I couldn’t find an anchor stencil at any of the craft stores, so I just googel imaged a clipart anchor, resized it in MSPaint (hellz yeah!) and then printed it on card stock. I used an exacto knife to cut the middle part of the anchor out. Using white craft paint and a stippling brush, I stenciled the anchor onto thefront of the box. I just eyeballed it to make sure it was at least semi in the middle of the box. I’m not into doing math in my free time. Or anytime ever.

Next, I painted the inside of the box navy blue using craft paint. That took a few coats because the wood isn’t the best quality and kept streaking (sorry girls, I’m not sorry…I’m on a budget!!). I think the white craft paint and the blue craft paint bottles were $2.00 all together? Somewhere in that area. I could’ve gotten a better quality paint, I’m sure, but again, budget.

The white frame and letters on the inside took me the longest and was the most miserable part of this whole project, hands down (fair warning: the next 2 paragraphs is going to be a big long ramble). So, I was going to paint the white frame onto the box, but I decided that would be too difficult because it would probably need 0293749323 coats to cover the blue. So, I found a template online and traced it onto computer paper. I cut out 4 frames and then started with the blue alphabet stickers. After a half hour and a TON of frustration, I finally got the letters straight and semi in the middle of the frame. Then I laid the frames letter side down on contact paper and cut around them,  following the frame shape but keeping the contact paper about an inch out all of the way around so it bordered the frames. So, after they were all cut out, I pressed them onto the box and boom- they looked awesome. Took them outside, spray shellacked them, and the let them dry. The next day I went to check on them…the contact paper was peeling off the paper.

SO. What to do? I tried spray glue. That worked for a little while, but it started to seep through the paper and made ugly marks near the letters. The spray glue ended up sinking into the wood causing the frames to fall off anyway. So then I tried rubber cement. That seemed to work the best, however the paper the frames were made out of were so ruined from all the different glues that they looked absolutely awful. I ended up having to get white card stock (what I should’ve used in the first place), new stickers, and using just rubber cement. No shellacking, no clear coating, no nothing. They ended up looking SO much better!

After I was done with the boxes themselves, I needed to get stuff for the inside. I made 4 cards  “My Girls”, “Our Day”, “Your Dress”, & “Your Role” explaining all the details we have nailed down for the wedding (you know, all 2 of them), what colors I am using, and a short description of each bridesmaid since most did not know each other. I went to home depot and grabbed a few paint sample cards to throw in there to show the color scheme I want to use, a packet of stickers I had grabbed at AC Moore for each girl, and a copy of a picture of myself and the bridesmaid.

Thankfully, I like this stuff. Our wedding is going to be 95% crafts, I’m sure. But tasteful crafts! I had a lot of fun making these (even though i threw a few fits here and there).

Longest post yet! Hopefully I can keep it up for another 360 days!