An Update…a Much Needed Update

I haven’t been doing very well…I’m sorry all 4 readers. I’m trying!

A few weekends ago, Andrews parents had an engagement party for us at their house. It was one of the best times I’ve had since we’ve gotten engaged! It was important for me to have an engagement party because I really wanted our families to come together and celebrate. Andrew and I have took a very very long route to get to this point & I am so happy that the people that matter most in our lives (other than our good friends who we weren’t able to invite, of course) could be with us. In a way, it sort of solidified everything. 

This past Sunday; Drew, Kate, and I went to a bridal expo at Fenway Park. Had it not rained, I think it would’ve been really really fun. However it was POURING. Most of it was inside, but I think they could’ve expanded what the had there around the park a little more. We stocked up on a lot of free stuff (pens, matchbooks & the like) and entered ourselves in a bunch of raffles and contests. I’m glad we went even though we have all of our vendors picked out. It really wasn’t much help…it was more for couples who havent planned anything yet. That and who are getting married in the Boston area…which we are not. Still- we got free candy and bottle openers so I’m chalking it up as a win!

After the expo, Drew and I stopped in Falmouth on the way home and checked out hotels. We still haven’t decided where we are going to spend our wedding night. Since I am going to have to stay in the same room the night before and get ready and everything, I really wanted to see the room before hand so I could make sure it looked good for pictures. The Coonamessett Inn seems to be the winner. Plus, they own the Flying Bridge so we get a little bit of a discount (10%). The only draw back- its a bit pricey. But I figure- its our wedding night and I don’t want to stay just ANYWHERE. Now all we have to do is book the room. One more thing to check off the list!

ugh, so I apologize for this awful post. It was horribly written, but I don’t have the energy to re-write it. I usually write out my posts in a note book first (I used to do that with all of my college papers too) and I did not do that this time. Again, my sincere apologies.