We’re Heeeeeeere (almost)!

Here we are, approximately 264 hours until the day I’(we’)ve been planning for the past year. It is still incredibly surreal. I haven’t been able to wrap my head around how close it is. Whenever I try to, it all still seems so far away. Its not though. WAKE UP, EM! TAKE IT ALL IN! 


A few weekends ago, my cousin who happens to be the best maid of honor this side of Jupiter, threw me the best bachelorette party anyone could imagine. Everything that she planned was above and beyond all and any of my expectations. I am so lucky to have her in my life because she is truly an incredible woman! I was under the assumption that she would host it at her apartment in Boston, a few girls would come, we’d make dinner, and then go to a bar or something come night-time. 

I won’t go into too much detail because after-all, what happens in Newbury Port/Sea Port/Kittens/Pottery Isle/Holiday Inn Express/The Port Tavern stays  in Newbury Port/Sea Port/Kittens/Pottery Isle/Holiday Inn Express/The Port Tavern. ImageHowever, everything blew my mind. Kate added all of these awesome touches to the day that really made it feel really special. The hotel room was decorated to the nines and she made goody bags for all of the girls that came (including me!). She put out fake tattoo books for everyone to use  & I found out that my spirit animal is an octopus. I never realized it before, but when you know, you just know. Trust me. She had the women in my family, future and present, write down some wise marital advice to give me and put them in little bottles for me to open. She got cigars with custom made wrappers on them for us to celebrate with at night. I was just so happy to see most of my bridal party as well as my close friends all in one place before the big day. I’m just lovin’ feelin’ loved!

            This past weekend I had another hair trial with Dorian to make sure everything would go smoothly come June 21st. She touched up my highlights for me as well. It was nice to sit in the salon for a couple of hours and relax. There were about 3 other wedding parties there having their hair done, so it was exciting for me to think that I would be in their shoes in just a week and a half! The hair style that she created came out perfectly and it didn’t take long to execute which is great because she will be able to spend more time on the bridesmaids in the morning.

            On Sunday, Andrew and I met with the deacon who will be marrying us for the first time. We are VERY pleased with how everything is working out with the Church. They have been more than accommodating and helpful with everything I’ve come to them with. The deacon went over our FOCCUS test that we took back in February at the church. We aced pretty much everything, so Andrew and I were mentally high-fiving each other for that. Its great to feel awesome! As it turns out, the deacon used to race Porsche 911s and has owned almost as many VWs as Andrew has and loved to mod them. I just can’t get away from that stuff, huh?

Afterwards, my mom, Andrew, Elaine, and I put together the seating chart. Dad poked his head in every now and again to see how it was going. He made himself scarce for the most part, and I don’t blame him! A year ago I was actually excited to do this part. Everyone called me crazy and I was like “nuh-uh!”. Now I know why they called me crazy. It wasn’t AWFUL, but it was definitely the hardest thing to do so far. Our table and the other wedding party table was easy to put together, so we got that out of the way quick. Andrew’s and my friend’s tables were also easy and got those done too. However, family? HARDEST EVER. “do these people get along?” “Do these people even know each other?” “should we just mix everyone up?” “what is this person’s date’s name?” “this person is flying in from Siberia, can we put them with these people since they haven’t seen each other in awhile?” “where do babies come from?”…its just UGH. Names are floating around in your head and you can’t remember if you seated them already and you hope to God you don’t miss anyone or skip over someone. ImageIt took longer then expected, but I am so happy to have it over with. We are already talking about moving a few people around, but at least the majority is done. When you think about it, these tables are only going to be used for about an hour out of the entire night. And people will be eating, getting up the go to the bar, getting up to chat with people, etc.

We ended up getting it all done and stopping at the Flying Bridge to get another visual and to make sure the chart we were using would work with the flow of the room. Laura, the coordinator, happened to be there and was a HUGE help in showing us how the tables would be set up and where we could move certain tables to make more room, etc. I think we are both pleased with how it will look. Hopefully our wedding day as beautiful weather that we did on Sunday! You really can’t beat the view from the wrap around deck. 

So now we are just getting the small things out of the way. We are finishing up our ceremony program as we speak (literally), I am trying to get a schedule together for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner as well as the day of for both the girls and the guys, and I am having my make-up pre-trial tomorrow. Mostly, I am trying to enjoy my last few days as a “single lady”, though not too much, and trying to capture this exciting feeling that is rushing from my toes to my head 24/7. 

Maybe the next entry I post will be a re-cap…maybe not! Time will tell. 



The past few weeks, wedding planning seemed to be a bit trivial in light of the recent events in Boston. I felt sort of guilty running around planning the rest of my happy life while other people’s lives were changing for the worse.

However, in an attempt to return to normalcy, here is a MUCH needed wedding update.


A few weeks ago my aunts, mother, future mother in law, and maid of honor threw me a BEAUTIFUL wedding shower. I was absolutely floored at what they put together. They tried to keep it a surprise, but I did eventually find out. After all, I couldn’t just show up in my pjs! I’m also nosy and hate being left in the dark. Anyways, everything was above and beyond my expectations. I also underestimated the sheer amount of gifts that people bring to these things. Good God. I think Mary’s living room gave a McNealy Family Christmas a good run for its money! A few weekends ago, I ripped apart my kitchen and put everything we got away. I’ve never been so excited to use a blender in my life.

A week later; Kate, Elaine, my mother, and I got together and put the invites together. We did them “assembly line” style, which worked out perfectly. They were sent out a few days later. The only bummer about the invites is that the RSVPs are going to my parents house so i dont get to open any of them. However, my mother is doing a very good job at giving me daily updates about who is coming and who is eating what. The majority seem to be choosing the filet meal option, which isnt much of a surprise, but it may or may not send my dad into a spiraling fit of anxiety. Don’t go all George Banks on me, dad!

The week after that, my mother and I met with the florist again to tie up some loose ends to show us some samples of flowers. I am absolutely thrilled with what we were shown. I met a girl at our marriage-prep class that said that she has only talked with her florist via email, even though she has a shop only an hour or so away. She has no idea what flowers she is going to be using or what they look like or what her center pieces look like. TRY MEET WITH ALL OF YOUR VENDORS- CAN’T STRESS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS! If not yourself, then someone else who you trust that lives near whoever you have been speaking with. For the peace of mind alone, its worth it.


The week after THAT (ugh), I went for my first “real” dress fitting. I tried it on a few weeks back, as you know, but this time they figured out alterations and stuff. There isn’t a whole lot that needs to be done, thankfully. Just a hem and a tuck here and there. I brought along my veil to make sure the length looked right with everything. Spoiler alert: it looks great. I am really really really really excited for it all to come together! Still looking for a hair piece though. When I went for hair trial, my hair dresser gave me what she wore in her hair. Its really nice and almost exactly what I am looking for, but I think I want something of my own to keep.

We are really getting down to the wire here…only 43 days left! I am definitely losing more and more sleep. As soon as the lights are turned out, my mind starts racing. I’ve been putting everything i think of into my phone when this happens, but it stop me from thinking about it over and over.  

I am starting to look into the whole name change process. Its a lot more intense then i originally thought. There are a few kits that I can buy online for $30 that will give you all of the paper work and pre-fill it in for you. It might be worth it just to be sure I don’t miss anything important. I’ve heard that missnowmrs.com is the way to go. 


Did i forget anything? I dont think so. Hopefully I will have the energy to write a few more times before the wedding…