A house will become a home.

I know, I know…its been awhile since a real update. I’ve got an excuse though!

A few weekends ago, I did the unthinkable…I went dress shopping. The verdict? It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!
I had made an appointment at a boutique in Scituate called Meredith’s. I learned about it from a girl I work with, she bought her dress there a few years ago back when they were located in Mashpee Commons. I read some reviews online that raved about how fantastic the staff is, but that the dresses were a little pricey. Since I’m not willing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars I’ll wear once for 6 hours, I got nervous and emailed them asking about their price range. I got a quick response back saying that they range from $300 to $3000. That sounded reasonable to me, so I wasn’t worried.

Saturday morning comes along and I am dead nervous. My mother and I set off to Scituate to meet my cousin/MOH Kate and my aunt Mary. I can feel my hands shaking and I couldn’t manage to eat anything for breakfast.

The daughter of the owner checked me in and walked me over to the wall of dresses…there were maybe 30 in total. She asked me about my budge, & I told her a little less than what I was willing to spend so I’d have some wiggle room. She looked at me and said “…we can’t reorder ANY dress for that amount. All dresses are $3200 and up” As it turns out, the less expensive dresses (ie: anything under $1500) were all dresses that had been bought and altered, but cancelled before they were worn. So that sucked. However, I was able to breathe a bit easier since I knew I wouldn’t be pressured to make a decision that day.

I told her what I was looking for in a dress (unsure about the cut, but MUST HAVE LACE). She got to work and pulled a few dresses for me and hung them up behind a curtain. I honestly couldn’t tell you what the first few dresses looked like, only that they were A-Lines and not too impressive. I tried on 2 dresses that I absolutely fell in love with. Both fit and flares, both lace, and both with trains. I didn’t think I’d care much about having a train, but after seeing one on, it’s a MUST HAVE now.

There are a handful of places I want to go before deciding…I know what I want now and I’m way less stressed about it. My only concern is actually finding the time to make some more appointments- which brings me to my next topic:


Yes, we officially have moved into our house. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I will never ever pack up and move EVER again. The stress is just insane. For 2 weeks we committed every night to packing up a few boxes and driving them over to the house. We recruited a few of our friends for this past Sunday to help us move the big stuff (couch, bed, entertainment center, dressers, etc). Unfortunately, no one showed up (yes, I am still really bitter about it). This was beyond unfortunate because I had gone to a personal training session at my gym the day before and my arms were complete mush. It actually went better than expected…I didn’t cry at all which is a really amazing feat. Ever since then, we’ve been unpacking and trying to figure out what goes where and what we still need (registry- woo!). Andrew’s parents are helping us paint the bedrooms this weekend which I am excited for. The house is slowly starting to look like our home. I’m anxious for everything to be done…we’ve made a very long list of projects that we would like to do. When they will be done remains to be seen…