The past few weeks, wedding planning seemed to be a bit trivial in light of the recent events in Boston. I felt sort of guilty running around planning the rest of my happy life while other people’s lives were changing for the worse.

However, in an attempt to return to normalcy, here is a MUCH needed wedding update.


A few weeks ago my aunts, mother, future mother in law, and maid of honor threw me a BEAUTIFUL wedding shower. I was absolutely floored at what they put together. They tried to keep it a surprise, but I did eventually find out. After all, I couldn’t just show up in my pjs! I’m also nosy and hate being left in the dark. Anyways, everything was above and beyond my expectations. I also underestimated the sheer amount of gifts that people bring to these things. Good God. I think Mary’s living room gave a McNealy Family Christmas a good run for its money! A few weekends ago, I ripped apart my kitchen and put everything we got away. I’ve never been so excited to use a blender in my life.

A week later; Kate, Elaine, my mother, and I got together and put the invites together. We did them “assembly line” style, which worked out perfectly. They were sent out a few days later. The only bummer about the invites is that the RSVPs are going to my parents house so i dont get to open any of them. However, my mother is doing a very good job at giving me daily updates about who is coming and who is eating what. The majority seem to be choosing the filet meal option, which isnt much of a surprise, but it may or may not send my dad into a spiraling fit of anxiety. Don’t go all George Banks on me, dad!

The week after that, my mother and I met with the florist again to tie up some loose ends to show us some samples of flowers. I am absolutely thrilled with what we were shown. I met a girl at our marriage-prep class that said that she has only talked with her florist via email, even though she has a shop only an hour or so away. She has no idea what flowers she is going to be using or what they look like or what her center pieces look like. TRY MEET WITH ALL OF YOUR VENDORS- CAN’T STRESS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS! If not yourself, then someone else who you trust that lives near whoever you have been speaking with. For the peace of mind alone, its worth it.


The week after THAT (ugh), I went for my first “real” dress fitting. I tried it on a few weeks back, as you know, but this time they figured out alterations and stuff. There isn’t a whole lot that needs to be done, thankfully. Just a hem and a tuck here and there. I brought along my veil to make sure the length looked right with everything. Spoiler alert: it looks great. I am really really really really excited for it all to come together! Still looking for a hair piece though. When I went for hair trial, my hair dresser gave me what she wore in her hair. Its really nice and almost exactly what I am looking for, but I think I want something of my own to keep.

We are really getting down to the wire here…only 43 days left! I am definitely losing more and more sleep. As soon as the lights are turned out, my mind starts racing. I’ve been putting everything i think of into my phone when this happens, but it stop me from thinking about it over and over.  

I am starting to look into the whole name change process. Its a lot more intense then i originally thought. There are a few kits that I can buy online for $30 that will give you all of the paper work and pre-fill it in for you. It might be worth it just to be sure I don’t miss anything important. I’ve heard that missnowmrs.com is the way to go. 


Did i forget anything? I dont think so. Hopefully I will have the energy to write a few more times before the wedding…



I haven’t had a wedding nightmare in months. At least, not one that I can remember. The other night, I had the MOTHER of all wedding nightmares. 

            It all started out in the house I grew up in. For some reason, we were unable to use the church for the ceremony and had to use our living room instead. Everyone was able to fit in there somehow. I kept going on and on about how no one was concerned with the fact that we weren’t able to have the ceremony that we had paid to use and blah blah blah. I had to hide underneath the dining room table so Andrew wouldn’t see me before he walked down the aisle. I kept having to stuff my dress underneath me so it wouldn’t poke out from underneath the table.

            As my dad was walking me into the room I noticed 2 things: 1- I had GIANT puffy sleeves. Like, GIANT. 2- Our Christmas tree was still up. As we walked passed it, my sleeves got caught in the branches and ornaments were stuck to my dress.

            When I got to the front of the room, Andrew had to move about 3 feet to the left so he could make room for my sleeves. I started to laugh at how ridiculous everything was. Andrew’s nephew started choking on a battery, but coughed it up and I somehow got a hold of it and put in my purse (that I obviously needed with me as I was getting married).

            Next thing I knew, my parents started singing the Eartha Kitt version of “Santa Baby”. That’s when my laughing turned into crying.


WHERE did this dream come from? I mean, I love me so Christmas, but why is it ruining my wedding dreams? #firstworldproblems for sure.


Anyways, I feel like we’ve gotten a lot done in the last week. We booked our limo with Fantasy Limo’s of Cape Cod. They gave us the best deal out of the few that we were looking at & were persistent enough to prove that they will most likely show up on time.

Jen from The Pink Polka Dot in Falmouth emailed proofs of our wedding invites she mocked up. I am so obsessed with them! I went in on Saturday to see them in person and they are even more beautiful than they are in the pictures. I can’t wait to send them out! Its such a relief to have those done and Jen has been incredibly helpful with getting what we saw in our minds onto paper. I am so glad that we were actually able to design them ourselves instead of getting cookie cutter invites that 203840923483 other couples could get.

            I also picked out my shoes (!!!!) on Saturday with my mother. We went to Shoes to Dye For in Natick. I couldn’t believe how many different types of shoe they had in their store- almost all of them dyable too! The floor people were beyond helpful with telling my mother and I what was comfy, what was a big seller, what ran big/small, etc. After my mom and I picked our shoes, we had to pick the colors that we wanted. Now, if I just told them I wanted navy blue and they said “sure!” that would’ve been fine. However, when I said I wanted navy blue, they pulled this gigantic book out that had 2 pages of navy blue shades. Who knew that navy blues could be so different!? Luckily I had the swatch for the bridesmaid dresses in my bag, so I used that to match the color as best as I could. I mean really though. Two pages? A little overkill if you ask me.

            Ive been looking more and more at hair “ornaments” for myself to wear. I am still stumped as to what  I want. I love the idea of a headband, but I’m afraid it till hurt my ears after awhile or look too tiara-y. Any advice is welcome!


-find wedding shoes (I should have a toenail by June! High five!!!)
-Complete guest book idea, email to someone with printer, put together
-Call Platinum Bridal Boutique and check on dress- book appointment for a fitting, throw-up for 2 to 3 weeks before to make sure it fits.
-Find a hair clip/comb/headband that will work with my veil
-Find a few hairstyles to also work with said veil and clip/comb/headband
-book hair trial appointment with Dorian in mid-late March
-Work on table numbers and place cards
-buy a TON of cardstock
-send in form for church ceremony
-Book music for the church
-Make rough draft of the church programs
-Decide on 2 readers and 2 program giver-outers
-Buy cutesy little decoration details
-Get letter from our Priest to give permission for us to marry in a different church (that should be interesting…)