A Positive Look….

One hundred and twenty seven days until wedding bells! Its both exciting and terrifying. Speaking of which, I feel like this whole blogging experience has been focusing on the negative side of wedding planning. I am always talking (writing) about how stressful it is and how I am stressed about the future stress and the frustration of being so stressed. I haven’t done a very good job of conveying how much fun it is to plan a wedding and how incredibly excited we both are.
I’m going to be honest- wedding planning is not at all what you see in the movies (at lease thus far). Its not like ‘Father of the Bride’ where I have a team of foreign coordinators suggesting the “chipper chicken” and my father has not been arrested for stealing hot dog buns at a grocery store (at least not that I am aware of…). Its not like ‘My Best Friends Wedding’ where my cousins are getting stuck to ice sculptures, my family hasn’t burst into song at a lobster restaurant, and I haven’t had to argue with anyone that I AM jello. (OMG I HOPE ALL OF THOSE THINGS HAPPEN!!!) And Lastly, its not like ‘Bride Wars”. I don’t have blue hair, I’m not altering myself for Vera, and I am certainly not spending my life savings (or my parents!) for a wedding at the plaza. I’m saving that for when I marry rich!
Wedding planning isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but it doesn’t mean its not fun. I have been having a fantastic time sharing these memories with my future husband, our families, and friends. I’m not sipping champagne every day and I am not surrounded by tulle and flower petals, but I have a whole binder and notebook of things to look back at someday. Not to mention this here blog.
We are SO excited for June 21st. Sometimes after dinner, we will look at each other and say “OMG! Xxx Days!!!” and its usually followed by a happy dance, mentioning how much stuff we need to get gone, then sitting on the couch watching Scrubs and eating rolos.
The process of joining our 2 lives is beyond exciting. We are trying to figure out how to join our AAA memberships, whose car insurance we are going to use, and whether we have enough data on our phone plan to last us through the month. We are thrilled to be a part of each other for the rest of our lives. Its beyond the table linens, the dress, the pocket squares, and the playlists. We are taking what all of this means very very seriously and we cannot wait to share our day with the people that mean the most.