What I’ve Learned….

I’ve been thinking about what I have learned since the beginning of this whole “Wedding Planning” process. There have been a lot of stupid things and a lot of really awesome things. I am very much aware that I am still in the early stages of it all, but I feel like it would be helpful to get all of this knowledge down on paper (blog). I am SO wise.

1. Planning a wedding isn’t all glitter and rainbows. It is HARD. Sometimes, it really sucks. I am waiting for things to start to pick up because right now, its still very very slllloooow. Come March I know I am going to be pulling out my hair because I’ll be like “WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS 6 MONTHS AGO!?!?” The reason? You CAN’T do half of the things until a few months before the wedding. But on the other hand, its still really fun to think about what color table cloths you want and research flowers and colors. Oh? That’s just me? Crap.

2. Vendor reviews are a God send. As well as friends who have just recently gotten married. I love theknot.com regional forums. Unless you are in the “wedding business”, you probably don’t know who the best DJ is in your area or what limo company ACTUALLY shows up on time. Talking to people (in person or on the interwebs) helps A LOT.

3. Wedding dress shopping isn’t that bad. Truly. I know, I may be the only female on the planet that dreaded wedding dress shopping- but its not awful! Its also EXACTLY like SYTTD and NOT AT ALL like SYTTD. I didn’t get to have a gay man with fabulous ties jack me up and cry with me when I found “the one”. I did however get to have an entourage and stand half naked in front of said entourage with a too small dress strapped to me. So that was great.

4. Sometimes…the groom actually DOESN’T care. And that’s okay! You can’t expect him to really care about what color ribbon you are going to have tied around your bouquet. He isn’t going to drop everything and run to the kitchen table where you’ve found THE BEST napkin holders in the PERFECT color. Chill out, bridezilla. As long as he cares about the stuff that REALLY matters (what he wears, where you are getting married, who does what, etc), you’re in good shape.

5. Pinterest gets old. After 74 consecutive days scouring everything the website has to offer, you start to see the same stuff over and over and over again. Give it a rest for a few days! Besides, seeing all of those images of different weddings can be overwhelming and even confusing. I’ll admit that I definitely considered changing my color scheme a few times. Don’t get TOO obsessed.

I am sure there are thousands more of things to learn…I plan to keep this list growing and growing. Hopefully it will help a few future brides!!